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excel – How to filter data based on condition using non array formula

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I have following sample data and want to auto filter them based on status condition Complete using formula only. I know how to filter using array formula and VBA custom function. Right now I am filtering it using following array formula. Due to some limitation, I want to ignore VBA and array formula. Is there any function combination to achieve it as non-array formula?


============================= Sample Data =================================

   ID   User    Task                 Status
Emp-001 Harun   Prepare Document    Complete
Emp-002 Rahim   Print               Complete
Emp-003 Karim   Binding             Progress
Emp-004 Jadhu   Packaging           Complete
Emp-005 Madhu   Prepare Document    Hold
Emp-006 Rahima  Print               Progress
Emp-007 Shila   Binding             Hold
Emp-008 Kaniz   Packaging           Complete
Emp-009 Jamila  Prepare Document    Progress
Emp-010 Rina    Print               Complete

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Any help is greatly appreciated.

How to&Answers:

Use the following formula in G3 cell then drag and drop to down and right as needed. Hope this will help you.

=IFERROR(INDEX($B$3:$E$12,SMALL(INDEX(ROW($A$1:$A$10)-($E$3:$E$12<>"Complete")*(1E+99)*-1,, ),ROW(1:1)),COLUMN(A$1)),"")

enter image description here


In K4 enter:


In K5 enter:


and copy downward. Column K defines the rows of interest.

In G4 enter:


copy this both across and downward:

enter image description here