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excel – How to identify unique value instances and find the sum

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This question builds on my previous post regarding how to identify and output multiple instances of a found value. My previous post:
Array to lookup multiple columns and take another columns information

This question is slightly different, where what if I wanted to sum the values found in an array. I have presented an example below. The Table I2:J4 is the reference table which assigns a value to each Plant #. Cells B3:F9 are already filled in and are used to find the sum of one count of each instance in the row. Column A will show the solution of each row. The formula should allow the column to be populated automatically.

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For example I have filled in the answer for the first three rows of Column A. In Row 3, we see that there is a Plant 1002B1, and 1003B1 so the answer is 200+300. We neglect any additional instances found of a Plant #. For example row 4 and 5 both have a sum of 100, regardless of how many instances of the same plant are found.

I found myself trying to use an Index but this would return True/False values and because of this you can’t add the sum of the value. Unless you use the True/False to identify the location of the value in the reference table and use that to find that the sum, which I dont how to do.

How to&Answers:

Use this array formula


Being an array formula it must be confirmed with Ctrl-Shift-Enter instead of Enter when exiting edit mode.

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If one has the new Dynamic Array formula(currently only available to Office 365 Insiders) then it gets much simpler to get an array of unique entries:


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