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excel – In SUMIFS function I am getting #VALUE error

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For the top table above, I am using the following SUMIFS function:


to try to get the results in the output format shown, based on two criteria {1. Product and 2. City}. But I am getting #VALUE! error.

Am I doing something wrong?

How to&Answers:

You have two issues. “each criteria_range argument must contain the same number of rows and columns as the sum_range argument” and your criteria are =Cinthol and =Bangalore.

This may directly be addressed quite easily by repeating the SUMIFS function for each of ColumnsC:G individually (and you might then sum the results).

An alternative would be to add each row up in your data set and apply a PivotTable.


If you use SUMPRODUCT you can get the required result without adding any columns, e.g.


or with cell references to copy down a table


That assumes that there are no text values (or “formula blanks” like “”) in the range C3:G23. If there are then you can still make it work like this:



There is a solution:

First sum_range must be a column so instead of


it should be


to make it work.

If it’s not enough you can use =SUM(SUMIFS(), SUMIFS())