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excel – Index and Match function

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I am having issues making the function Index and Match work together.

Here’s my data:

A             B            C           D            E
ShortName     Fullname                NumberID     Shortname     
Craig         Craig David             54           John
John          John Long               53           Enrique
Raymond       Raymond Short           23           Craig
Bill          Bill Bush               21           Raymond

Here, the column “C” is blank. Basically, I merged two data sheets together (column A and B with column D and E). What I would like is to have the NumberID in column C associated with the shortname in A. Here the NumberID in column D is associated with the shortname in column E.

So far I have tried Vlookup but it is not working. I have tried also Index and Match function but it ain’t working either.

What I have:


I am using Excel in french that’s why I used “;” in formula). Does anyone have a solution ?

How to&Answers:

You were close, Column Reference is E:E not E and you do not need to reference both columns in the INDEX, just the output.


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