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Excel index match multiple row results

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I’m stuck on an Excel problem and am hoping someone can assist. I read through 10-15 topics that are similar, but I wasn’t able to get anything to work. Here is where I’m at…

I have a large data set containing columns for Year, Name, Total 1, Total 2 (and 20+ other columns). The same names appear in multiple rows based on the yearly totals. On a separate sheet, I have another data set containing Name and would like to pull the data from sheet one into columns as shown below.

enter image description here

I have done this in the past using only one year as the initial data set with the following formula:


The problem I am having is the result of adding multiple years of data to my 1st data set. Is there a way to match the row based on name and year and then return the results of the appropriate column?

How to&Answers:

Change the first MATCH function to something like this:


so as part of your whole formula that would be this

,MATCH("Total 1",DATARANGE[#Headers],0))

Another way you can use for returning numbers only (as here) is like this: (with cell refs for simplicity).

=SUMPRODUCT((A2:A9=2013)*(B2:B9="name x")*(C1:D1="Total 1"),C2:D9)



Enter above in cell B14 as an array formula or below as standard


You can do the same for total 2 just replace Cs with Ds

And then drag right and down.


If the presented data to be indexed is a table then



should be corrected to a proper structured reference of


Also since this is an array formula it may not work with structured references at all. You’d be better served with regular cell references. Also if it is not a table only cell references will work.