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excel – Output date month in uppercase

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So i have Rng.Offset(0, xOffsetColumn).Value = UCase(Date) followed by Rng.Offset(0, xOffsetColumn).NumberFormat = "MMMM" which outputs the current date and formats it to the current month name but Ucase() doesn’t capitalize the name, is it because Date is not a string? or because of the formatting .NumberFormat afterwords?

Here is part the code:

If Not rngColJ Is Nothing Then
    For Each Rng In rngColJ
        If Not VBA.IsEmpty(Rng.Value) Then
            Rng.Offset(0, xOffsetColumn).Value = UCase(Format(d, "MMMM"))
            Rng.Offset(0, xOffsetColumn).ClearContents
        End If
End If
How to&Answers:

You need to first make a string and the Ucase() it.


Sub dural()
    Dim d As Date
    d = Now
    MsgBox UCase(Format(d, "MMM"))
End Sub


Sub Which_Month()
Dim A As String

    A = UCase(Format(Date, "mmmm"))
    Debug.Print A
    Msgbox A

End Sub