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excel – Pivot table; remove old values from slicer

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I have two pivot tables that are connected with a slicer.
The slicer is used to set the date on both pivot tables.

The problem is that it keeps showing old values that are not in the data anymore.
On one of the files (I have four similar files) I have deleted everything that is newer than 2016-05-09, but still the slicer is showing other dates that month.
If I click on them the tables are empty so clearly it can’t find any values with those dates.

The old values are written with gray text.
I have tried to find a solution to this issue on google but no luck.
I have tried to update both tables and I have even removed the slicer and then created a new one, but still the old values does not go away.

Anyone have a clue why it’s doing this?
Excel 2010.

How to&Answers:

This has nothing to do with the slicer.This is to do with the PivotCache for the PivotTable. If you check the Dropdown filters on the PivotTable , you will also see there is checkboxs for data that is not currently in your dataset.

To change this:-

Right click your PivotTable> PivotTable Options

On the Data Tab , Change “Number of items to retain per field” from Automatic to None and press OK.

Then refresh your PivotTable. The Filters on the PivotTable and the Slicer will now only show values that are currently in the dataset.