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excel – python xlwings – copy and paste ranges

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My first question on this site.

I am using xlwings with python 2.7. I want to copy the values in range ‘A1:A6’ from Sheet1 to cells ‘A1:A6’ in Sheet2. My code is as follows:

> my_range = Range('Sheet1','A1:A6').value
> Range('Sheet2','A1:A6').value = my_range

When I run this code, however, it puts the values of my_range into cells ‘A1:F1’ on Sheet 2 instead of cells ‘A1:A6’ in Sheet 2.

How to&Answers:

Columns (as well as Rows) are returned as simple (“horizontal”) lists, see the docs here. Why? First of all, it mimics the behavior of numpy 1d arrays. Second, it’s usually what you’ll want, e.g. you can directly iterate over a column or check if a value exists without having to unpack a nested list first.

Now, in your case, you’ll obviously want to preserve the 2d shape which you can do (again similar to numpy) as follows:

my_values = Range('Sheet1','A1:A6', atleast_2d=True).value 
Range('Sheet2','A1:A6').value = my_values

Also note that what you call my_range should rather be called my_values as it holds a list, not an xlwings Range object.


Since v0.9.0, the syntax changed to:

import xlwings as xw
wb = xw.Book('mybook.xlxs')
my_values = wb.sheets['Sheet1'].range('A1:A6').options(ndim=2).value 
wb.sheets['Sheet2'].range('A1:A6').value = my_values