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excel – Range.Formula in VBA not accepting input range

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So I have this code which finds a specific string on a sheet called Master Trainings and finds the address of the cell to the right of it. That is all fine. Right before this, I have a piece of code which creates a line and puts that same text in a cell, say D4. w here is the r1c1 address of the row above (i.e. 3 in this case). I have NewCourseCell which returns the address of the cell I want perfectly, but I am not sure why the last line fails to create the formula I want inside that cell.

Dim findRng25 As Range
Dim foundRng25 As Range
Set findRng25 = Sheets("Master Trainings").Range("A:A")
Set foundRng25 = findRng25.Find(Cells(w + 1, 4).Value)

Dim C25 As Variant
C25 = Cells(foundRng25.Row, foundRng25.Column + 1).Address(0, 0)

NewCourseCell = Cells(w + 1, 5).Address
Range(NewCourseCell).Formula = "=B9*'Master Trainings'!" & C25 & ",0)"
How to&Answers:

As mentioned in the comments by @PEH, this part of the formula is a bit useless – ",0)". There is only one ) and the ,0 is not required.

This is some minimal code, that works, if you have Master Trainings worksheet:

Public Sub TestMe()

    Dim c25 As String
    c25 = "D10"
    Range("B2").Formula = "=B9*'Master Trainings'!" & c25

End Sub