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Excel Ranking tie issue

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Does any one know how to deal with tie records issue in Excel? I only want to show the record once on first occurrence. If same number is found twice, it will not show as I show above.

How to&Answers:

To get the results shown you can use this “array formula” in AA2


confirm with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and copy formula down column

see sample file


The way I would produce the result you show in the linked image would be to have two columns for rank, 1 for the raw rank results, and one for the displayed ranks.

Assuming that your data starts in cell A2, and your raw ranking results begin in cell B2, you could insert the following formula in cell C2:


Then, you would copy the formula down to the bottom row of your data.

Here’s how this formula works. The MATCH function looks for the ranking shown in the current row of column B in the column B rows above that row. The MATCH function returns an error if there is no match, which in this case means that the current B cell has not already occurred. That’s a ranking that you want to show.

If there’s no error in the MATCH, there is the same ranking in the rows above – in that case, the formula returns an empty string.

Finally, you would hide column B, leaving columns A & C to be shown.