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excel – Retain cutcopy mode after macro

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So I have this problem which I can’t wrap my head around.
I have a an excel report that executes an important macro on sheet_activate, and as we all know macros cancel CutCopyMode.

Therefore, if I want to copy & paste something from a different file into my report, it never works because as soon as I activate my report it runs the macro and cancels the CutCopyMode from the other file.

Things I have tried:

1) save cutcopymode value and re-activate it after the macro:

Dim tmpCT
tmpCT = Application.CutCopyMode


Application.CutCopyMode = tmpCT 

the problem: it doesnt work.

2) save the data from the clipboard and re-insert it as plain text object after the macro is done running:

Dim DataClipBoard As String
Dim clipboardData As DataObject
Dim RangeCopied As Range
Set RangeCopied = Selection
DataClipBoard = ClipBoard_GetData
Application.CutCopyMode = False


Set clipboardData = New DataObject
With clipboardData
    .SetText DataClipBoard
End With
Set clipboardData = Nothing

The problem: it’s plain text and doesn’t retain formats/links/etc.

I’d appreciate any input you can give me on this issue.

How to&Answers:

The following macro will return the current range for Cut/Copy, which you can then store in a Range variable and re-Cut/Copy after your other workbook is open.

(Personally, I think that Application.CutCopyRange should be a built-in special variable to do this.)

Function CutCopyRange() As Range
    Dim StoredMode As XlCutCopyMode
    StoredMode = Application.CutCopyMode
    If StoredMode < 1 Then Exit Function 'Null case
    If StoredMode = xlCut Then
        'Disappointing, since Clipboard lets you Paste a copy of a cut range...
        MsgBox "Unfortunately, Worksheet.Paste(Link:=True) only works for Copy-mode.", vbCritical
        Exit Sub
    End If

    Dim ScreenUpdating As Boolean, DisplayAlerts As Boolean, EnableEvents As Boolean

    ScreenUpdating = Application.ScreenUpdating
    DisplayAlerts = Application.DisplayAlerts
    EnableEvents = Application.EnableEvents

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Application.EnableEvents = False

    'This makes us loose our Cut/Copy mode...
    With Worksheets.Add
        .Paste Link:=True
        Set CutCopyRange = Range(Range(Replace(Selection.Cells(1, 1).Formula, "=", "")), _
            Range(Replace(Selection.Cells(Selection.Rows.Count, Selection.Columns.Count).Formula, "=", "")))
        Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    End With

    'Restore Cut/Copy mode to what it was before the previous block
    Select Case StoredMode
        Case xlCut
        Case xlCopy
    End Select

    Application.DisplayAlerts = DisplayAlerts
    Application.ScreenUpdating = ScreenUpdating
    Application.EnableEvents = EnableEvents
End Function