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Excel rounding up or down to specific number

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I can’t seem to figure out a formula in excel for rounding up or down numbers to end in either 49 or 99.

What I’m looking to do

$824 should round down to $799; $825 should round up to $849; $874 should round up to $899; $873 should round down to $849

The number should round up or down to whichever number it is closest to.

How to&Answers:

Since it’s always 49 or 99 you can use MROUND like this:


If you have a reasonably small range and you want other unique values that are not multiples of each other you can use a build-in lookup function like this (replace ‘A1’ with your value or cell address):

=LOOKUP(A1, {0,575,625,675,725,775,825,875,900}, {"Too Low",599,649,699,749,799,849,899,"Over"})

The lookup function allows you to do odd rounding such as your referring to by rounding 874 up instead of down. Alter the equation like this for this offset.

=LOOKUP(A1, {0,574,625,674,725,774,825,874,900}, {"Too Low",599,649,699,749,799,849,899,"Over"})



Source: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/24527-round-nearest-50-a.html

So essentially, just round to the nearest 50 then subtract 1.

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I agree that rounding of 874 to 899 seems strange. However, if this is not a mistake and can be reasoned, for example, by desire to choose 99 in the case of a tie-break, then here is the solotion:



824 799
825 849
873 849
874 899