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excel – RTD Server C#: Getting "N/A" in deployment

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I have created Excel RTD Server, after all implementation completion in debug mode, I am able to run RTD and it is working fine. But when I get the dll in release mode and take it to another system, and register using “regasm.exe” and also provided complete DCOM user access with “everyone” but still using =RTD(), gives me error as #N/A.

I am expecting something I am doing in deployment.

I am stuck here, please help me out.


How to&Answers:

I had similar issue, in my case the office installed on the machine was 64-bit, therefor i had to register the RTD dll using the 64-bit regasm.exe.

Take a look here:

good luck.


I had this problem too and it turned out that while in debug mode, VS was able to see my RTDServer, in deploy, windows couldn’t because I hadn’t explicitly instructed the setup project to do so. To register the rtdsrver.dll as part of a setup project you can do the following:

  • right click on the setup project: view -> filesystem
  • in the file system viewer, select the system folder
  • select your rtdserver.dll and view it’s properties
  • set the Register field to vsdraCOM
  • Redeploy

Now, excel should be able to see your server assembly in deploy.