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excel – Specifying range from A2 till infinity (NO VBA)

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Without VBA, I am trying to refer a range that starts at A2 and never ends. For example, if I want row 2 till row 5 i’d do


But what if I want the end to be open?


Is this possible?

How to&Answers:

Depending on what’s in A1 and what formula you’re putting the reference into, you could simply use A:A. For example, if you wanted to sum all of the values in column A, but A1 contained a column title rather than a number, you could still write =SUM(A:A) and the title in A1 would just be ignored.


A2:A works in many formulas
hope that helps


If you want to refer to a range starting from A2 until max row (1048576 or 65536 for Excel prior to 2007), you can use this volatile formula… =OFFSET(A2,0,0,(COUNTBLANK(A:A)+COUNTA(A:A)-1),1) . Use formula as a defined range name or inside other formula which takes range as an argument (for eq SUM)…


This well covered in VBA as code below:

Range("A2", Range("A2").End(xlDown))

And if you want reach that in formula, it depends on the version number of your MS-Excel.

According to this reference number of all rows are in a sheet from Excel 2007 onwards are 1048576 that you can use bellow:


Because this range in formula is depended on Excels version, this may be different in future versions.

Finally, I suggest you use VBA.