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excel – Structured references in charts disappear, why?

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I click on a chart, click on “select data” and then click on “edit data series”. This popup appears:

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I want to change this cell reference to a proper table reference. So I write a table reference into the data series:

enter image description here

Now I click on enter and don’t get any error message. I am happy. BUT, when I click to edit the data series again, the structured reference has disappeared. Why?

enter image description here

The chart still adapts dynamically to the table as I filter the table. But when I delete and add rows to the table, the reference doesn’t always follow. I imagine if I could get the structured reference to not disappear, the reference would always follow.

Is it possible to use structured references in charts and have then NOT disappear?

I use Excel 2013, Windows 8.1

How to&Answers:

This question was discussed in the Mr excel forum, 2011.
After emailing with Microsoft project manager on charts it was concluded Microsoft have chosen not to include this feature.

Link to forum thread: