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excel – Subscript out of range error with an array – no idea why?

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I have declared an array as such Dim rArray() As Variantbut when i try and use the values that is stored in it (as shown below) I get a subscript out of range error. The UBound(rArray)and LBound(rArray) both returns values 14 and 1, but the error occurs at the Debug.Print line.

If I use the for statement as below

For Each rArr in rArray

then it works without issues, but for the purposes I am creating this array I need the flexibility to select each item stored in that order- meaning I need to refer to them using subscripts.

I have tried multiple ways to try and solve this with no luck and spend almost half my day on this one issue. Could anyone point out what I need to change to get this to work.

Set rng = Range("D4", Range("D4").End(xlDown))
rng.NumberFormat = "0"
rArray = rng.Value

For x = UBound(rArray) To LBound(rArray) Step -1
    Debug.Print rArray(x)
Next x

Edit: another fact worth mentioning is that he array is declared and used within a Function but it is not passed from or to the function. Can’t arrays be declared and used in Functions?

How to&Answers:

When you assign worksheet values to a variant array, you always end up with a 2-D array that is 1 based (e.g. 1 to something, 1 to something; never 0 to something, 0 to something). If you are getting values from a single column the second Rank is merely 1 to 1.

This can be proven with the following.

Dim x As Long, rArray As Variant, rng As Range

Set rng = Range("D4", Range("D4").End(xlDown))
rng.NumberFormat = "0" 'don't really understand why this is here
rArray = rng.Value

Debug.Print LBound(rArray, 1) & ":" & UBound(rArray, 1)
Debug.Print LBound(rArray, 2) & ":" & UBound(rArray, 2)

For x = UBound(rArray, 1) To LBound(rArray, 1) Step -1
    Debug.Print rArray(x, 1)
Next x

So you need to ask for the element in the first rank of the array; it is insufficient to just ask for the element.