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excel – SUM values with VLOOK

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I have an Excel sheet with monthly costs per food. The goal is, on a part sheet, to calculate the value of each food in every month. With a formula I am using at the moment =SUM(VLOOKUP (A3; Food! C3: K3000; 7; 0)), it is only looking for a relative value in the first month and not in the total of all months.

To clarify the formula:

  1. A3 is the food I’m looking for;
  2. Food! C3: K3000 is the range of the table where I am looking for the data;
  3. Finally, 7 will be the column index where the amount spent per month is.

This is what I have in Food sheet:

enter image description here

I think there is no extra information. If something else is left, please tell me.

That’s the result I want:

enter image description here

How to&Answers:

You can use SUMIF:


enter image description here