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Excel – SUMIFS + INDEX + MATCH with Multiple Criteria

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In the example below, I’m trying to sum any numbers that fit the criteria: Beverage + RTD Coffee for the month of January from the source.

This is the formula that I’m currently trying to use for the above scenario:

=SUMIFS(INDEX('Grocery Input'!$D8:$BY66,MATCH(1,('Grocery Input'!$D8:$D66=Summary!$D8)*('Grocery Input'!$E8:$E66=Summary!$E8),0),F$6),'Grocery Input'!$D8:$D66,"="&Summary!$D8,'Grocery Input'!$E8:$E66,"="&Summary!$E8)

It needs to check both the ‘Family’ criteria and “Master Category’ criteria

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enter image description here

How to&Answers:

Can you just eliminate the index match portion of the formulas and use SUMIFS with direct cell references?

For example,

=SUMIFS('Grocery Input'!$AD$8:$AD$66,'Grocery Input'!$D$8:$D$66,Summary!$D8,'Grocery Input'!$E$8:$E$66,Summary!$E8)