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excel – Summing the scores of a test

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I have a table, the left hand column consisting of questionnaire participants say 1-20. Followed by 10 columns with answers to 10 possible questions.

Lets say question answers range from a-e where a = 1 point and e = 5 points.

What is the easiest and quickest way to sum up everyones score.

I have attempted to use Sumifs, giving a score to each letter (a=1,b=2…), however, can’t figure out how I would formulate the sumif.

I have considered VBA to score each question one by one and them sum the total – however I feel this is very long winded.

Example table (You may use ‘=CHAR(RANDBETWEEN(97,101))’ in order to randomise the letters for each question)

Questionnaire / Question 1 / Question 2/ ... / Question 10
1                 a            c                d
2                 d            e                b
...               ...          ...              ...
How to&Answers:

You can use:



Total = Evaluate("=SUM(CODE(UPPER(B2:K21))-64)")

This is an array formula, and that’s why SUMPRODUCT() is better on a sheet, but VBA can work with array without entering as array, hence why the SUM() works through VBA. It’s sheet equivalent would be: {=SUM(CODE(UPPER(B2:K21))-64)}


Use this formula on all responses adjusting A1 to the cell needed.


This converts a or A to 1, b or B to 2 etc. This works because the ASCII value of upper case A is 65. Then you can add the values.