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excel – t.test array funct

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I’m trying to analyse some data. I have it on excel and I’m fairly new at this but I did not see any topic that could’ve helped me with my problem.

What I have is 2 sets of data on different sheets. I’m trying to determine the P-value between these data. But the way I have the data is displayed in the colums as such,

  • If condition A is true, 0.
  • If condition B is true, 1.

So the bare data is in an array form of {1,2,0,0,0,0,6,7,4,3,2}.

I want to calculate the P-value of only condition A. So I employed IF(A1:A800=0,1,0) for array1 and 2. It looks like this

=T.TEST(IF('Raw Data'!H6:H794=0,1,0),IF(J7:J39=0,1,0),2,2)

I keep getting #VALUE! error.

How to&Answers:

Array formulas need to be entered with a specific key combination

Select cell with formula – press F2 key to select formula and then hold down CTRL and SHIFT keys while pressing ENTER. If done correctly this will put curly braces like { and } around the formula in the formula bar…..and formula should work

The above needs to be repeated if the formula is amended