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excel – Trying to use If statement to mark a cell with "X" if users exist in another column

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I have a spreadsheet which tracks users and the groups they belong to. Normally, I need to go user by user, group by group to find the match and place an “X” in that cell. It’s long and tedious, so I’m hoping someone may have a better solution.

Here’s what my spreadsheet looks like:

enter image description here

I can get a list of all users in each group (SharePoint) but I need to track this information in Excel. I’m thinking something like this would be start: =if((A2=”user1″,”user2″,”user5″,”userN”),”X”,””)

I’m not sure if this formula would work but that’s kind of the logic I have behind it. I’d like to find a way where I can easily and quickly switch the names because it’s a long list.

How to&Answers:

Okay, I hope I understood your issues.

Copy and paste the users in a separate sheet in the workbook (say Sheet2), so that for Group1, you have a single cell, example:

Mike Stuart, Casey Jones, Jessica Milne

On the data tab, you can use Text to Column > Delimited > Comma to get this:

     A             B              C
Mike Stuart | Casey Jones | Jessica Milne

Meaning, you have one user in one column. Preferably, all the group 1 users should be in this row.

In your sheet with users and groups, you then use the formula in cell B2 and drag it down:

=IF(ISNA(HLOOKUP(A2, Sheet2!$1:$1, 1, 0)), "", "X")

You can put the other groups below the first group, so that row 2 of Sheet2 has all the users in group2, row 3 in Sheet2 has all the users in group 3, etc.

For group 2, you’ll use:

=IF(ISNA(HLOOKUP(A2, Sheet2!$2:$2, 1, 0)), "", "X")
                             ^  ^

The ^ show what I have changed.

HLOOKUP works as follows:

HLOOKUP(lookup_value, table_array, row_index, [range_lookup])

lookup_value is the value you’re looking for, here each user in your final sheet.

table_array is the table in which the formula looks for. Here, it’s $1:$1, so that the formula looks for the lookup_value in Row 1 of Sheet2.

row_index is 1 because we’re looking in one row only. You can make some research as to how to use it if you want.

[range_lookup] is optional, but defaults to approximate match, which is not what you generally want. Put 0 there to mean “exact match”.


Using pivot tables he’s an example of what could be done.
enter code here