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excel – Two Texts in a Formula

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Probably an incredibly easy change but I seem to have a brain fart in this. I have a column and I want my formula to search for both “Open” and “In-Transit”.

=COUNTIFS('Warner Robins'!A:A,"Open",'Warner Robins'!G:G, "PAB")
How to&Answers:


=COUNTIFS('Warner Robins'!A:A,"Open",'Warner Robins'!G:G, "PAB")+COUNTIFS('Warner Robins'!A:A,"In-Transit",'Warner Robins'!G:G, "PAB")

Building an OR into a formula can be tough………..easier to just add up the cases.


Or you can go with this one:

=SUM(COUNTIFS('Warner Robins'!A:A,{"Open","In-Transit"},'Warner Robins'!G:G, "PAB"))

Generally makes it easier for multiple OR clauses.