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excel – Use date values from different sheet in formula

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I have two sheets in my excel file.
The first sheet contains values and dates, on the second I want to calculate values between a date range.

for instance:
50 20/9/2014
1600 16/10/2014
254 21/10/2014
1547 03/11/2014

(Belgian time)

I tried this with the following formula:

=SUMIFS(INPUT!$G$3:$G$100; INPUT!$H$3:$H$27; ">=01/10/2014"; INPUT!$H$3:$H$27; "<=31/10/2014")

This gives me an error in the formula and I notice that inside the formula values the date has become a random value:

enter image description here

Anyone has an idea how to do this correctly?

How to&Answers:

I couldn’t find it at first either, but it seems your ranges need to be the same size (sum_range and criteria).

So change your sum_range to G3:G37 or your criteria range to H3:H100 and it will solve your problem. 🙂

Reference: http://www.excelforum.com/excel-formulas-and-functions/731875-sumifs-returns-value.html