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excel – Using month qualification in SUMIFS statment

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Here’s what I’m looking for….
Trying to Sum the count of worksheet ‘Results 2013’ column G items

IF Cell A matches "Canada"
IF Cell E (date) is July

Having trouble with the date portion of the SUMIFS statement below.

SUMIFS('Results 2013'!$G$2:$G$510,'Results 2013'!$A2:$A$510
    ,"=Canada",'Results 2013'!$E2:$E510,MONTH('Results 2013'!$E2:$E510)=7)

Example value of “Results 2013″$E$480 is

I try this formula, and it provides back “January” which is obviously incorrect.

=TEXT(MONTH('Results 2013'!$E$480),"mmmm")

However, this formula, results in TRUE or 1

=IF(MONTH('Results 2013'!$E$480)=7,1,0)
How to&Answers:

The simplest solution is to add a column Month using the MONTH function to compute values, and then refer to this new column in SUMIFS.


This tests whether the date values in column E fall within the range 7/1/2013 and 7/31/2013. If your dates all fall within 2013, it will work.

SUMIFS('Results 2013'!$G$2:$G$510,'Results 2013'!$A2:$A$510,"=Canada",
       'Results 2013'!$E2:$E510,">="&DATE(2013,7,1),
       'Results 2013'!$E2:$E510,"<="&DATE(2013,7,31))

This array formula will work with the more general case of dates falling within any year:



You could use an array formula , then you can use month on the entire column:

{SUM(if('Results 2013'!$A2:$A$510="Canada",1,0)*if(MONTH('Results 2013'!$E2:$E510)=7,'Results 2013'!$G$2:$G$510,0))}

just remember to use ctrl+shift+enter rather than the usual enter to finish the formula