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excel – Value between a range of values

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Having this:

Class   Min    Max
Alfa    0      16.5
Beta    16.5   18.5
Charlie 18.5   25
Delta   25     30

And this:

Value X

I want a cell to have something like an IF statement (it’s got a few more values in it, not this small, it has 8 class). An IF statement this long would probably not work (IF limit of 7) and is an ugly way of doing it. I was thinking of using hlookup, but I’m not sure if that’s the best bet.
I can also swap the columns within a table, so I could have “Min| Max| Class”
X values are in a column.

Basically: =IF(X>=0 && X<16.5, Alpha, IF(X>=16.5 && X<18.5, Beta, IF(...

How to&Answers:

I think you mean VLOOKUP and would be much better way to go.

Make a Ranges sheet like this

Min    Class
0      Alfa
16.5   Beta
18.5   Charlie
25     Delta
30.5   Unidentified

In your detail sheet use formula “=VLOOKUP(A2,Ranges!A:B,2,TRUE)” [The True is important]

And you get

Value X Class
35.52600894 Unidentified
26.27816853 Delta
29.53159178 Delta
29.84528548 Delta
26.77130341 Delta
25.07792506 Delta
19.2850645  Charlie
42.77156244 Unidentified
29.11485934 Delta
29.5010482  Delta
19.30982162 Charlie


With your Max range named MaxVal and your Class range named Class, please try:


(adjust references to suit).

=MATCH() here is using the match_type parameter of 1: “The MATCH function will find the largest value that is less than or equal to value. You should be sure to sort your array in ascending order.

If the match_type parameter is omitted, the MATCH function assumes a match_type of 1.”

Any X value greater than 30 returns a blank ("") but text may be inserted to suit (eg "Unidentified" instead of "").

The formula could be simplified by removing the error trap, if a row were inserted immediately under the labels with Alpha under Class and 0 under Max. Also by removing the condition, in a similar way.

It is not necessary to specify both bounds of each range.

INDEX/MATCH was chosen rather than say VLOOKUP for reasons as given here.

PS For the Greek *alpha*bet α is usually Alpha.

Edit re clarification

The easiest fix for 25 is Delta rather than Charlie may be to deduct a small amount from each Max value, eg change 25 to =25-1/1E100.