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Excel VBA assign value to named range from user defined function fails error 1004

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I have a function in a module. The function is defined as follows:

Public Function CourseSetup(ByVal SROfferId As Integer) as string

When the function called, The following line fails:

Worksheets("CourseEvaluation").Range("CourseName").value = "1234" 

fails with error 1004.

The same line in a sub (macro) works. CourseName is a one cell named ranged. Getting the value for the above range works.

In the immediate window:


returns the current value in the range.

How to&Answers:

Functions called from the worksheet cannot manipulate worksheet objects other than the active cell wherein the formula is entered.

This preserves dependencies in formulae, prevents circular reference errors, etc.

As a general rule, use Subroutines to manipulate objects, and use Formulae to return values (whether to a cell reference or to a variable).

One exception is that a UDF called from within a subroutine can manipulate worksheet objects, but this is probably not a good habit to start. Keep your functions limited to returning values to variables/cells, and use subroutines to manipulate objects.

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user defined functions called from cells can only return values to the cell(s) they are called from. So your UDF is not allowed to write values to a defined name.


I ran into this problem a few days ago and found this answer. converting to a sub from a function solved the problem. However, if I called the function in the immediate window, it performed as desired. thought that was odd.