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excel – VBA function for Controls in Userform

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I’m very new to VBA so I apologise if the question seems silly: I have set up a UserForm with some controls in it, and created a function called ResetMyField as per below:

Function ResetMyField(MyField As Object)
    If MyField = ProjectReference Then
        'do something different and then
    End If
    MyField.Value = ""
End Function

When I call this function using ResetMyField(ProjectReference) VBA comes out with a 424 error (Object Required). Should I be declaring MyField as a different type of variable in the function?

Both the function and the point at which I call it are inside the Userform module.

Any help would be much appreciated.

How to&Answers:

ResetMyField(ProjectReference), with the parentheses, tries to pass the default property of the ProjectReference combobox into ResetMyField. The default property of a combobox is Value, and that is not an Object, and ResetMyField expects an Object, hence the error (“Object Required”).

Remove the parentheses:

ResetMyField ProjectReference

Also note that If MyField = ProjectReference Then, again, tries to compare default properties of MyField and ProjectReference, which in case of comboboxes will mean If MyField.Value = ProjectReference.Value Then.
If you want to know if MyField is ProjectReference, then it’s

If MyField Is ProjectReference Then