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Excel VBA Macro: Copying cells by reference

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I am creating a macro in Excel to copy data from one sheet to another within the same workbook. Currently, the code operates as so:

Dim sourceSheet As Worksheet
Dim destSheet As Worksheet
Dim numCases As Integer
Dim i As Integer

numCases = 10
Set destSheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Raw_Data")
Set sourceSheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Formatted_Data")

For i = 1 To numCases
    destSheet.Cells(i,1).Value = sourceSheet.Cells(1,i).Value

This code works properly in that it copies the value from one sheet to the other and places it in the correct cell. The issue is that I need the cell to be populated as a reference value back to sheet “Raw_Data”. In other words, when I select a cell in “Formatted_Data”, I need the formula bar to show something like:
but instead all I get is the numerical value. Is there some way that I can perform a copy, or set a value and maintain the reference??



How to&Answers:


destSheet.Cells(i,1).Value = sourceSheet.Cells(1,i).Value


sourceSheet.Cells(1,i).Formula = "=" & destSheet.Name & "!" & destSheet.Cells(i,1).Address(False,False)