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excel – VBA: Skip looking for an object if not found

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I’m working in Excel on a sheet where users can enter information into specific cells, save, then send. In this sheet they have the option of pasting an image (a .bmp file named “Picture”) as well. I have a macro that clears the contents of the cells. When the image is present it works fine, but fails when the image is not present, which it won’t always be. I have zero coding experience and cobbled everything together so far from Google. How do I get my macro to skip looking for the named image if it’s not on the sheet but continue to clear the contents of the remaining cells?

Here is my code:

Sub ResetandDelete()
'ResetAndDelete Macro
'Clears cell contents and resets form.


End Sub

Please help!!

How to&Answers:

Try this

Sub ResetandDelete()
    With ActiveSheet

        On Error Resume Next
        On Error GoTo 0

    End With
End Sub