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Excel VBA that brings in weather shapes – Trying to delete shapes before rerun

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I am currently using this code to pull out the 5-day forecast along with some decent pictures for an assignment. I had built it off of a video I found but I’m having trouble with why the delshape process isn’t removing the shapes as it should.

If anyone has any recommendations I would appreciate it as well as trying to explain what is wrong if possible. I am trying to learn as much as I can with VBA as I am a brand new user.

Sub CurrentFiveDayForecast()

Dim WS As Worksheet: Set WS = ActiveSheet

>WS.Range("thedate").Value = ""
WS.Range("hightemp").Value = ""
WS.Range("lowtemp").Value = ""

Dim delshape As Shape
For Each delshape In WS.Shapes
If delshape.Type = msoAutoShape Then delshape.Delete

Next delshape

Dim Req As New XMLHTTP
Req.Open "GET", "http://api.worldweatheronline.com/free/v1/weather.ashx?q=Hong+Kong&format=xml&num_of_days=5&key=APIKEY", False


Dim Resp As New DomDocument
Resp.LoadXML Req.responseText
Dim Weather As IXMLDOMNode
Dim i As Integer
Dim wShape As Shape
Dim thiscell As Range

For Each Weather In Resp.getElementsByTagName("weather")
i = i + 1

WS.Range("thedate").Cells(1, i).Value = Weather.SelectNodes("date")(0).Text
WS.Range("hightemp").Cells(1, i).Value = Weather.SelectNodes("tempMaxF")(0).Text
WS.Range("lowtemp").Cells(1, i).Value = Weather.SelectNodes("tempMinF")(0).Text
Set thiscell = WS.Range("weatherpictures").Cells(1, i)
Set wShape = WS.Shapes.AddPicture(Weather.SelectNodes("weatherIconUrl")(0).Text, msoFalse, msoCTrue, thiscell.Left, thiscell.Top, thiscell.Width, thiscell.Height)

Next Weather

End Sub
How to&Answers:

Shapes.AddPicture Creates a picture from an existing file. It returns a Shape object that represents the new picture. You can read more about it in Shapes.AddPicture Method

Change the line

If delshape.Type = msoAutoShape Then delshape.Delete


If delshape.Type = msoPicture Then delshape.Delete