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excel vba – Wildcard dictionary search in VBA

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Is it possible to search for a particular pattern of words (i.e. a pattern containing wildcards) against the spell check dictionary built in Excel?

Debug.Print Application.CheckSpelling("hel*")

For example, I want the above code to return True if I am searching for "hel*", because some actual words do match this pattern, e.g. “hello”, “hell” etc.

However, this does not work as intended: it returns False.

How to&Answers:

Just had a little fun writing this one… It works with single-character wildcards, i.e. ?. It doesn’t work with multi-character wildcards (*), but I still thought this was an interesting path forward.

Warning: This uses recursion, and execution time increases exponentially with the number of ? in the input string!

Function CheckSpellingWithWildcards(ByVal s As String)
    Const wildcardChar As String = "?"
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim firstWildcardPos As Long
    firstWildcardPos = InStr(s, wildcardChar) 'Find first wildcard
    If firstWildcardPos = 0 Then
        'No wildcards left — look it up in the dictionary.
        CheckSpellingWithWildcards = Application.CheckSpelling(s)
        CheckSpellingWithWildcards = False
        For i = 97 To 122 'a to z. Adjust if you need e.g. çæøåéëï as well
            Mid(s, firstWildcardPos, 1) = Chr(i)  'Replace wildcard with letter
            If CheckSpellingWithWildcards(s) Then 'note: recursion!
                'Found a match! Get out.
                CheckSpellingWithWildcards = True
                Exit Function
            End If
        Next i
    End If
End Function

Example usage:

?CheckSpellingWithWildcards("C?mm?nyca?ion") '30 seconds later...