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excel – VLOOKUP date in date range

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Is there a simpler way to complete this task?

I want to look up a value and a date in a list and return the date if it matches or is within 5 days of the original date.

The only way I’ve been able to do this so far is to create a helper key (A1) and look up the helper-key in a helper-key list (F:F), and add an IFERROR to look it up again but add 1 and so on.


    A           B           C           D
1   table1_ky   table1_id   table1_dt   vlookup
2   99941275    999         1/1/2013    1/3/2013

    G           H           I
1   table2_ky   table2_id   table2_dt
2   99941277    999         1/3/2013

Formula in D2:


I want to be able to make the number of “+1″s variable so I can change the date range to 5, 10, 30 etc. without having to use up to 30 IFERROR statements.

Is there a function(s) in Excel that can do something like this?

I’d like to avoid using VBA if possible.

How to&Answers:

You could use a LOOKUP formula like this


That will find the last date in H2:H100 which is between C2 and C2+5 and where the column G value also matches – doesn’t need any “concatenated” helper columns and you can adjust the 5 to be any value you want.

By “last” I mean positionally – if you want the earliest date in the case of multiple matches (which is what your current formula does) then switch to an “array formula” like this:


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