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Excel VLOOKUP function cannot return newline characters

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Please look at this gif.

enter image description here

The function call is =VLOOKUP(A1, A1:B1, 2, FALSE).

I want:

1. b
2. c

but got:

1. b2. c

the newline character loosed.

How to&Answers:

You have used the correct formula. However, excel just shows that in one line. click on the cell and do “wrap text”. Then it will show them in two lines.Check this image for reference

Also check this link where there is a similar issue:


I have the french edition but just click on the button surrounded with red,
you can see it works.


Excel screenshot


If im understanding it correctly . You should probably put them in separate line. For example you can put 1.b in b1 and 2.c in b2 then try the code.