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excel – Why can't I pass an array(within an array) as an argument?

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I have an array of arrays arrAggregatedArrays(1 to 8)

I can call a sub like this:

call sub(ArrNewClient)

But I get a compile error: “Type Mismatch” if I try this:

call sub(arrAggregatedArrays(1))

Why? And is there a way around it?

and why does it not recognise arrAggregatedArrays(1) as an array even though it will perform functions like UBound on it like normal?

Public arrAggregatedArrays()     As Variant      '/ Holds all the sheet-Data Arrays  

‘/ Declared in a seperate module

      ReDim arrAggregatedArrays(1 To 8)
            arrAggregatedArrays(1) = arrNewClient
            arrAggregatedArrays(2) = arrExistingClient
            arrAggregatedArrays(3) = arrGroupSchemes
            arrAggregatedArrays(4) = arrOther
            arrAggregatedArrays(5) = arrMcOngoing
            arrAggregatedArrays(6) = arrJhOngoing
            arrAggregatedArrays(7) = arrAegonQuilterArc
            arrAggregatedArrays(8) = arrAscentric

      Call FilterSheetArrayForColumns(arrAggregatedArrays(1))

Public Sub FilterSheetArrayForColumns(ByRef arrCurrentArray() As Variant)

and a screenshot:

Compile Error

How to&Answers:

You can create a Variant array in one of two ways:

Dim v1() As Variant
Dim v2: v2 = Array()

With the former, you receive the array as a subroutine parameter using the v1() notation, like with any other data type array in VBA. With the latter, you’ll need to receive it as a normal variable, without the array notation.

Variants are special because they can hold many types, including array types, which is why the v = Array() syntax works. When done this way, they should be treated like any other variable and passed that way in and out of subroutines.


As mentioned in comments, you need to show more on the implementation you are using. This works for me.

Sub arr_test()
    Dim arr As Variant

    arr = Array(Array(1, 2, 3), Array(2, 3, 4), _
                Array(3, 4, 5), Array(4, 5, 6))

    Debug.Print LBound(arr, 1) & ":" & UBound(arr, 1)
    Debug.Print LBound(arr(1), 1) & ":" & UBound(arr(1), 1)

    Call arr_sub(arr)
    Call arr_sub(arr(1))

End Sub

Sub arr_sub(tarr As Variant)
    Debug.Print "arr_sub - "; LBound(tarr, 1) & ":" & UBound(tarr, 1)
End Sub

Results from the Immediate window:

arr_sub - 0:3
arr_sub - 0:2