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export – Exporting Data from CRM 4.0 to Excel

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What is the best way for a client to export data from CRM 4.0 to Excel? Right now the limit on the number of rows that can be exported is set at 10000? Is there a supported way to increase the limit or is there another way? The client is in a locked down environment so a solution through CRM 4.0 would be ideal. (e.g. export all of the records from the Orders entity for a given data range into excel)

How to&Answers:

To change this in CRM 4.0:

  1. Log-in to the SQL Server where the _MSCRM database is stored
  2. Open the OrganizationBase table
  3. FInd the Column: MaxRecordsForExportToExcel
  4. Change the value from 10,000 to the desired value
  5. Commit the change to the database