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Extract coordinates from KML file in Java

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I’m trying to parse a Kml file in Java. Cause I need to take the coordinates of a Placemark, to generate a poligon in java, and use it.

But my problem , is that i’m using JAK this library to parse it, and i’m not able to extract the information that i want.(I read the “help” in the official page, but I didn’t found any help abut my problem)

I’m trying to do something like that:

final Kml kml = Kml.unmarshal(new File("C:/Users/A556520/Documents/Proyectos/GeoFencing/res/labasa.kml"));
final Document document = (Document)kml.getFeature();       
List<Feature> listafeatures = document.getFeature();        

But in this point I don’t know how to extract the coordinates.

The file I’m trying to parse is this one: la basa


Following the javadocs (unofficial) you need to check – using instanceof – each Feature whether is is a Placemark, if yes cast to it and get the Geometry which itself needs to be checked whether it is a Polygon, if yes then cast to it. After that the path to the coordinates is the following (just as it come in the kml-file):

getOuterBoundaryIs > getlinearRing > getCoordinates

Here is how it looks like in code:

public void parseKml() {
    String src = "misctests/stackoverflow/kml/labasa.kml";
    try(InputStream is = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(src)) {
        Kml kml = Kml.unmarshal(is);
        Feature feature = kml.getFeature();

private void parseFeature(Feature feature) {
    if(feature != null) {
        if(feature instanceof Document) {
            Document document = (Document) feature;
            List<Feature> featureList = document.getFeature();
            for(Feature documentFeature : featureList) {
                if(documentFeature instanceof Placemark) {
                    Placemark placemark = (Placemark) documentFeature;
                    Geometry geometry = placemark.getGeometry();

private void parseGeometry(Geometry geometry) {
    if(geometry != null) {
        if(geometry instanceof Polygon) {
            Polygon polygon = (Polygon) geometry;
            Boundary outerBoundaryIs = polygon.getOuterBoundaryIs();
            if(outerBoundaryIs != null) {
                LinearRing linearRing = outerBoundaryIs.getLinearRing();
                if(linearRing != null) {
                    List<Coordinate> coordinates = linearRing.getCoordinates();
                    if(coordinates != null) {
                        for(Coordinate coordinate : coordinates) {

private void parseCoordinate(Coordinate coordinate) {
    if(coordinate != null) {
        System.out.println("Longitude: " +  coordinate.getLongitude());
        System.out.println("Latitude : " +  coordinate.getLatitude());
        System.out.println("Altitude : " +  coordinate.getAltitude());


With respect to A4L answer , thank you so much while i have added some more extraction methods which will get data from folder and document with point line and polygon extraction with spring MVC using javaapi4kml using package


Came across this post, so here is part of the code of function I have been using in my app to extract Place mark name & coordinates from a String kmlText.


Thanks @A4L This is really an update and a more groovier way of doing the same So changed for Groovy and also attempts more types than the example given as well digs deep within a document layer:


The answers above make use of the library de.micromata.opengis.kml which appears to be unsupported now.
There is a newer library, OSM Bonus Pack which has a good KmlDocument class. I have used this to extract the coords as below. It only extracts lines (roads), not polygons, but it should be modifiable.