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Failed sending mail through google api in nodejs

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I’m trying to send an email through Google API.

I’m using googleapis for Google API access in node.js .

My issue is that when I try to send a simple mail with no attachments, I get the following error:

‘raw’ RFC822 payload message string or uploading message via /upload/* URL required

I didn’t define in my request that there is an attachment and I don’t see any error in the email addresses.

Please help.

My code:

    var google = require('googleapis');
    var gmailClass = google.gmail('v1');

    var email_lines = [];

    email_lines.push("From: \"Some Name Here\" <[email protected]>");
    email_lines.push("To: [email protected]");
    email_lines.push('Content-type: text/html;charset=iso-8859-1');
    email_lines.push('MIME-Version: 1.0');
    email_lines.push("Subject: New future subject here");
    email_lines.push("And the body text goes here");
    email_lines.push("<b>And the bold text goes here</b>");

    var email =email_lines.join("\r\n").trim();

    var base64EncodedEmail = new Buffer(email).toString('base64');

        auth: OAuth2Client,
        userId: "me",
             raw: base64EncodedEmail
    function(err, results){});

Changes were made to version 1.0.3 of the google api. Try using the following syntax:

    auth: OAuth2Client,
    userId: "me",
         raw: base64EncodedEmail

Make sure that base64EncodedEmail is url safe. You can use the base64EncodedEmail.replace(/\+/g, '-').replace(/\//g, '_') code posted by mscdex. This syntax worked for v. 1.0.11

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