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filesize – php get the KB size of an image

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i’ve been googleing but all i get is getimagesize and filesize.
getimagesize dosent get the KB size just width and height which is not what im looking for.
filesize give me the message Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for
the file in question is 51kb .jpg file


does not work,

how do i accomplish this?

How to&Answers:

You cannot get file size of remote elements, either give a relative path on your system OR do a file_get_contents() to get contents first
. Thus, instead of http:// , do a filesize('/path/to/local/system') . Make sure its readable by php process


You can’t look up the filesize of a remote file like that. It is meant for looking at the filesize of local files.

For instance…

$imgsize = filesize( '/home/projects/site/1.jpg' );


filesize() is the function to use. It might be failing because

  1. You’re trying to get a web address & URL wrappers may not be turned on
  2. That URL isn’t valid.

If you’re trying to run filesize() on a local file, reference the file system path, not some web URL.


Or you can also do something like :

$header = get_headers($url);
foreach ($header as $head) {
    if (preg_match('/Content-Length: /', $head)) {
        $size = substr($head, 15);                      


filesize takes the name of the file as argument not a URL and it returns the size of the file in bytes. You can divide the return value with 1024 to get the size in KB.


I had the same problem, which i solved like this. I don’t know how optimal it is, but it works for me:


$file_size = $file[0]*$file[1]*$file["bits"];