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finding next ID in a CHAR field without AUTO_INCREMENT

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I got a Table which stores objects. An Object can be anything from a chair to a employee. An Object got an ObjectID, which is a 10 characters code-39 barcode label on the Object.

Many Objects already have a Label, thus an ObjectID assinged to them. Some have Prefixes, e.g. “9000000345” might be a Desk or “0000000895” might be a folder with invoices.

When People start a new Folder for example, they take pre-printed Barcode Labels
and put them on it. The pre-printed Barcode Labels are generated by a Printer which just increases a number by 1 and zerofills it to 10 Digits and then prints it as code-39.

All Most of the objects are stored in Excel Sheets. They now should be migrated into a MySQL Database.

Now, the System should also be able to create objects on its own. Objects created by the System have a leading “1” e.g. “1000000426”.

The Problem: How do I get the next ObjectID for Auto generated Objects?
I cant really use AUTO_INCREMENT because there are also non-auto-generated rows in the table.

Another Thing to say is that the ‘ObjectID’ field has to be CHAR(10) because for special occasions there were alphanumeric prefixes used like “T1” -> “T100003158”

My Table when using AUTO_INCREMENT:

    | ID |   Created   |   ObjectID   | Parent |    Title    |   Changed   | Note |
    | 1  | <timestamp> | "1000000001" |  NULL  | "Shelf 203" | <timestamp> | NULL |
    | 2  | <timestamp> | "9000000458" |  NULL  | "Lamp"      | <timestamp> | NULL |
    | 3  | <timestamp> | "1000000003" |  NULL  | "Shelf 204" | <timestamp> | NULL |

The ObjectID of the last Object in the table should be “1000000002” not “1000000003”

I hope I could explain the Problem well enough.