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FlatList rerenders data from Firebase multiple times whenever new data is added

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I am attempting to build a chat app interface using react native and firebase and am having problems updating the data that is fetched from my database. I can load existing data into the Flatlist I am using fine:

const firebaseApp = firebase.initializeApp(firebaseConfig);
let db = firebaseApp.database();
let ref = db.ref("/room");

 componentDidMount() {
      ref.on('value', function(snapshot) {
        snapshot.forEach(function (childSnapshot){
          messages: childData
       messageCount = snapshot.numChildren();

Flatlist Code:

<KeyboardAvoidingView style={styles.inputContainer}>
          // renderItem={({item}) =><Text>{item.contents}</Text>}
          keyExtractor = {item => item.timestamp}
          renderItem={({item}) => <Bubble style={{margin: 10}} 
          color="#FFC800" arrowPosition='right'>{item.contents}</Bubble>}
        <Button onPress={()=>{this.onPressButton()}} title="Send">Click me</Button>      

This is where I add the text in a text input to the database

function addMessage(messageText) {
      contents: messageText,
      timestamp: firebase.database.ServerValue.TIMESTAMP

That code gives me the following result which is what I want (ignore the terrible styling):
enter image description here

But whenever I try to send a message, it gets added to the database correctly, but the flatlist updates to show this:

enter image description here

Where the previous message and the new message are rendered multiple times. What is the best way to render a new item from the database into the flatlist?