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Focus issue in ListView EditText display in Dialog in Android

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I have to display ListView contains EditText on Dialog, where a user can type the text in EditText and its content should not be lost.

For example, I have 10 EditText in listview, if the user types “11” in first EditText , “22” in second EditText , “33” in third EditText and scroll down the listview at tenth EditText after that user scroll it up again at first EditText at that time the value in first EditText should be “11”, for second EditText “22” and so on, I have achieved this by setting EditText when text gets changed in EditText.

I use NiftyDialog as dialog (Link). The issue is that the EditText got focus randomly (it sometimes worked and sometimes not).

I have set


in ListView and set


in Manifest File, but its not working properly.

What can be the issue here?

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I had this issue a while ago with EditText focus and realized that just setting the attributes on existing views wont work. In my case it was to avoid the keypad from poping up, but I believe, the same solution will work in your case too.

Add a dummy layout with android:focusable="true" and android:focusableInTouchMode="true" on top above all other views. This way the focus would go to this layout (which is at the top) and your random focus problem with the EditText in the ListView will get resolved.

    <!-- Stop auto focussing the EditText -->


Use a another list of string type of size 10 and place blank initially of each string now add a textwatcher on edittext and on onTextchange method reassign string value in list for that particular position .Please provide your adapter code will do remaining


Are you explicitly requesting focus for the EditText?
As in myEditText.requestFocus()

From your question, it seems you want the focused edit text to change as the user scrolls down. Can you clarify the behavior you expect and what is occuring?