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Generate ER Diagram from existing MySQL database, created for CakePHP [closed]

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For CakePHP application, I created MySQL database.

Which tool to be used to create ER Diagram of database? Fields and relations between tables are created in a way cakePHP likes.

thank you in advance!


Try MySQL Workbench. It packs in very nice data modeling tools. Check out their screenshots for EER diagrams (Enhanced Entity Relationships, which are a notch up ER diagrams).

This isn’t CakePHP specific, but you can modify the options so that the foreign keys and join tables follow the conventions that CakePHP uses. This would simplify your data modeling process once you’ve put the rules in place.


Use MySQL Workbench. create SQL dump file of your database

Follow below steps:

  1. Click File->Import->Reverse Engineer MySQL Create Script
  2. Click Browse and select your SQL create script.
  3. Make Sure “Place Imported Objects on a diagram” is checked.
  4. Click Execute Button.
  5. You are done.

If you don’t want to install MySQL workbench, and are looking for an online tool, this might help: http://ondras.zarovi.cz/sql/demo/

I use it quite often to create simple DB schemas for various apps I build.


The question does not seem Cake PHP specific and has been answered here before: Auto Generate Database Diagram MySQL


CakePHP was intended to be used as Ruby on Rails framework clone, done in PHP, so any reverse-engineering of underlying database is pointless. EER diagrams should be reverse-engineered from Model layer.

Such tools do exist for Ruby
Here you can see Redmine database EER diagrams reverse-engineered from Models. Not from database.

With following tools: