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Generate MySQL data dump in SQL from PHP

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I’m writing a PHP script to generate SQL dumps from my database for version control purposes. It already dumps the data structure by means of running the appropriate SHOW CREATE .... query. Now I want to dump data itself but I’m unsure about the best method. My requirements are:

  • I need a record per row
  • Rows must be sorted by primary key
  • SQL must be valid and exact no matter the data type (integers, strings, binary data…)
  • Dumps should be identical when data has not changed

I can detect and run mysqldump as external command but that adds an extra system requirement and I need to parse the output in order to remove headers and footers with dump information I don’t need (such as server version or dump date). I’d love to keep my script as simple as I can so it can be hold in an standalone file.

What are my alternatives?

How to&Answers:

I think the mysqldump output parsing is still the easiest. I think there are really few meta-data you have to exclude, and thus dropping those should be only a few lines of code.

You could also look at the following mysqdump options: –tab, –compact


Could always try the system() function. Hope you are in linux 🙂


“Select * from tablename order by primary key”
you can get the table names from the information_schema database or the “show tables” command. Also can get the primary key from “show indexes from tablename”
and then loop and create insert statements strings