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Generate PHP Interfaces

Posted by: admin July 12, 2020 Leave a comment


Is there a tool the generate php interface from existing classes? It would be nice to have a tool like Netbeans automatic getter/setter creation but for interfaces.

How to&Answers:

For programmatic usage there is InterfaceDistiller that allows you to derive interfaces from existing classes like this:

$distiller = new InterfaceDistiller;
    ->extendInterfaceFrom('Iterator, SeekableIterator')
    ->saveAs(new SplFileObject('MyInterface.php'))
    ->distill('SomeFoo', 'MyInterface');

It also has a CLI interface:

Usage: phpdistill [options] <classname> <interfacename>

  --bootstrap                           Path to File containing your bootstrap and autoloader

  --methodsWithModifiers <number>       A ReflectionMethod Visibility BitMask. Defaults to Public.
  --extendInterfaceFrom  <name,...>     Comma-separated list of Interfaces to extend.
  --excludeImplementedMethods           Will exclude all implemented methods.
  --excludeInheritedMethods             Will exclude all inherited methods.
  --excludeMagicMethods                 Will exclude all magic methods.
  --excludeOldStyleConstructors         Will exclude Legacy Constructors.
  --filterMethodsByPattern <pattern>    Only include methods matching PCRE pattern.
  --saveAs                              Filename to save new Interface to. STDOUT if omitted.

I’m not aware of any IDE that offers such functionality for php.


Currently PHPStorm 8 can do this, maybe prior versions as well.


  1. Place your cursor on the class name
  2. Choose: Refactor -> Extract -> Interface
  3. Fill out the options and done.