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Get dropdown option element by display text

Posted by: admin August 19, 2018 Leave a comment


I’ve currently been selecting dropdown elements by using:

$('#dropdownId option[value="value"]')

because most of my elements have been written as

<option value="value">value</option>

However, now I’ve come across some elements in this project that do not have the value attribute and instead look like


Now I’m struggling to select it using the same syntax that I used prior. I’d like to get the element (not just change the selection) using the same style as before, because it’s a format that’s used dynamically throughout the project. I’ve tried these so far:

$('#dropdownId option[value="value"]'); // doesn't work, I'd assume because it doesn't have a value attribute
$('#dropdownId option[text="value"]'); // Doesn't work, I'd assume because "text" isn't actually an attribute
$('#dropdownId option[label="value"]'); // Doesn't work, I'd assume because even though the value is used as the display text, it's not actually specified in the attributes.

I can’t add a value=”value” to the object, I don’t have control over the html.

Edit: I realize that WebdriverIO, while it uses selectors similar to jQuery, doesn’t necessarily have all of the same functionality. Nathan Hinchey’s seems to work for normal jQuery though.