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Getting actual value from PHP SimpleXML node

Posted by: admin April 23, 2020 Leave a comment

$value = $simpleXmlDoc->SomeNode->InnerNode;

actually assigns a simplexml object to $value instead of the actual value of InnerNode.

If I do:

$value = $simpleXmlDoc->SomeNode->InnerNode . "\n";

I get the value. Anyway of getting the actual value without the clumsy looking . "\n"?

How to&Answers:

Cast as whatever type you want (and makes sense…). By concatenating, you’re implicitly casting to string, so

$value = (string) $xml->someNode->innerNode;


You don’t have to specify innerNode.

$value = (string) $simpleXmlDoc->SomeNode;


What about using a typecast, like something like that :

$value = (string)$simpleXmlDoc->SomeNode->InnerNode;

See : type-juggling

Or you can probably use strval(), intval() and all that — just probably slower, because of the function call.


Either cast it to a string, or use it in a string context:

$value = (string) $simpleXmlDoc->SomeNode->InnerNode;
// OR
echo $simpleXmlDoc->SomeNode->InnerNode;

See the SimpleXML reference functions guide