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Getting the delphi color values for excel chart lines

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When Excel draws lines on a chart, it assigns default colors to the traces for each data series. Black for the first, cyan for the second, etc. Is the assignment of these colors documented? I want to draw traces on a graph using Delphi but want to keep the colors the same as Excel would use (the Delphi app is replacing stuff currently done with Excel workbooks).

How to&Answers:

‘Chart fill’ and ‘chart line’ default colors are accessible from the menu: Tools -> Options -> Colors (at least when excel had a menu – I don’t know about newer versions). Default colors can be changed per workbook and hence they’re a property of the workbook. There are 56 colors in total on the ‘Color’ option page, with 8 of them belonging to chart fills and 8 to chart lines.

If you’re doing automation you can retrieve a workbook default color by:


where ‘XL’ is the excel application, ‘1’ is the workbook index and ‘Index’ is a number between 1 and 56. A little test with an earlier excel version shows index 17-24 are fill colors and 25-32 are line colors. But you do your own tests in case there has been changes.

BTW, I am surprised about your problem that Delphi overriding default colors..