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google maps – Android Fake GPS location apps do not work anymore

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I used to work with this application:
And before this with this one:
Am working on a LG G3 and a Nexus 5, but in the last couple of days, the fake location doesn’t work as it should.
It doesn’t always modify my location and sets in where I want. Or many times, it sets my location where I want for a couple of seconds and then resets to my real location. I’m working on a travel app, and this made it very simple to simulate trips and locations.
Is there any other fake location app that actually works how it should?
Or is there any other way to set the location of my phone, while the app is running?

Like i said: It DOES change my location, to the mock location I want, but it jumps back to my REAL location, after a couple of seconds. Depending, sometimes, it stays for minutes on the mock location, but then jumps for 1 second on my real location, and then goes back 🙂
Now I know this, cause I log all the locations that I find, even more, draws the path, and I have lines that jump back to my Real location and then continue
PICTURE: Pink = how it should be.
Green = locations that I get and the path. As you can see, each a couple of locations that I get, it jumps back to my location

How to&Answers:

Make sure you have Allow Mock Location turned on in phone’s Developer Options and try this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fr.dvilleneuve.lockito&hl=en

I’m using it when working on Geofencing and works great.


If mocked location seems to jump to real one during simulation, try to turn off wifi based locations (Settings / Location / Mode –> Device only).


I managed to fix this problem by disabling the “Fused Location” service on my phone. I used the Disable Service application which requires root privileges to run. After disabling the “Fused Location” service I stopped teleporting to my real location.


In Settings -> General -> Location -> Mode

I switched it from Battery Saving to High accuracy and then the mock location app started working.

Note, you also need to set your preferred Mock Location app in Developer Options, but even after doing that my app was showing my true location instead of the mocked location – now it’s working like a champ!