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google play – Android App for Tablets still showing "Designed for Phones"

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I published an app (http://bit.ly/1GfKsNG) which is meant to be for tablets only.

The AndroidManifest.xml is adjusted in the way:



and in Google Play, I also only added tablets screenshots (7″ and 10″) and no smartphone screenshots for the app. Still, the app shows “Designed for Phones” in the Play store.

My res/ folder structure looks like this:


I already checked related questions:

So the question is, what’s the remaining part that I have overlooked to make the app “Designed for Tablets”.

What is also strange is that the Google Play store shows no pending optimization tips for tablet optimisation but tells me that tablet optimisation is already finished (by promoting the app from Alpha test status to production).

enter image description here

How to&Answers:

You can request a manual review according to this article. Specifically, it states:

If the Optimization Tips page lists “To Do” issues that you feel don’t apply to your app or affect its quality on tablets, please notify us using the Designed for Tablets Contact Form. We will review your app and update your Optimization Tips page as appropriate.

I also had the same problem a few months ago, so I used the contact form to request a manual review. They responded pretty quickly and told me that my app was in fact “designed for tablets”.


you can also limit the smallest supported screen size by adding the following line:



Don’t forget to put some tablet screens for Google Play app description.