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google play – Lost my keystore for uploaded app on android market

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I don’t know how to solve my issue.
We published an android app on the Android market. After fixing a few issue, we are not able to release it as a next version of the app in marketplace because we have lost the private key used to sign that build. If the update version is not signed by same key, android is not accepting the build.

For this application, few users have already purchased it on the market. If we upload the same application with different package name, purchased users will be unable to get the updated version. How can I solve the issue ? Any suggestions regarding this ?

Thanks in advance…

How to&Answers:

There’s no way to recover your key. I once accidently deleted mine and faced the same problem. I ended up emailing the few users who had already purchased my app about my mistake and told them to let me know who they are and that I would refund their purchase of the app again, if that’s what they wanted. Since then, I’ve made several copies of my key. Once again, there is no way to recover this.

On the other hand, you could try doing a system restore, on your computer, to a previous date in which you haven’t misplaced or deleted your key yet.


We had the same problem once. As stated above there’s no way to recover your key. But you could try brute force to recover it.

This thread was particularly helpful: Forgot Keystore password, thinking of Brute-Force detection. will it corrupt the keystore?

You should at least have a small idea of what your key should be. Lets say you know that the key have android, app and 2012. The scripts will try every combination of these three words plus others. In our case we recovered it in our first attempt.

Good luck.